Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Moon Giveaway: Nourish Offering

Happy New Moon in Taurus! 

Taurus New Moon is earthy; inviting all your senses to indulge and nourish.

And I can't think of a better giveaway than this. 

One lovely soul will win this: Ally Sand's Earth Oils Nourishing kit with the Headache Relief Oil, Aura Cleanse Gemstone-infused Massage Oil, a set of the Full and New Moon Bath Teas, and a Quartz crystal mined from the San Diego Desert!

Here is some info about the Goddess behind Earth Oils:

I started this shop after a long time dream I had to make a crystal infused line of products. I started putting crystals in my massage oils a few years ago, and I wanted to bring the healing powers it gave me to the world. I have also suffered with migraines since my teenage years, and I have been using my own roll on remedy which I have infused with amethyst and quartz for its extra healing powers. I am a huge lover of baths, and I always take a cleansing ritual bath before practicing any kind of spell or during full/new moons. I created a unique set of bath soaks and teas for you lunar ladies who wish to cleanse your body before any kind of rite on the full/new moons or just want to feel extra special and relax in a luxurious floral bath. Everything is made with organic essential oils and all the bath soaks are fragrance free to allow the natural scent of the herbs and flowers to really stand out. 

I personally have her Headache Relief Oil and I love it! The Peppermint is not crazy overpowering but smells so intoxicating and feminine. And it does the job quickly! I love that it is a roll on for easy application to my temples, forehead and neck. I would almost wear it as perfume!

Her links:


Another reader will win one of my fave necklace designs from Roots & Feathers: Celeste

Laura's designs are so beautiful, earthy yet other-worldly and so full of soul. 

Her links:


Last, but not least, another winner will win these two AMAZING prints from the artist Gwen Davies!

Aren't these beautiful?! The details are breathtaking.

I had originally ordered them just for myself, but me living in the US and her in Wales, it took longer than expected to get here. I contacted her about it and she immediately and generously sent me another copy. A few days later my prints actually arrived, and these ones too! I knew I had to share the love and asked her if I could include them in the giveaway and she was delighted! So whoever wins these beauties, I will be shipping them out to you from the US and they are still unopened and untouched :)

Her links:

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The winners will be announced in one week's time!! Good luck!

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter


  1. Thank you for hosting this beautiful giveaway! I liked all of these ladies' on FB. I would LOVE the Earth Oils Nourishing kit, and my second choice would be Laura's jewelry. Beautiful as always!

    My extra entries include:
    *Liking Moondaughter on FB
    *Tweeting about the giveaway
    *Following Aquarian Soul on Twitter
    *Following Roots and Feathers on Twitter
    *Following Roots and Feathers on Pinterest
    *Following Roots and Feathers on Bloglovin'
    *Following Aquarian Soul on Bloglovin'
    *Pinning this giveaway on Pinterest

    Thank you again! <3

  2. Gosh, what an amazing giveaway! And so hard to choose. I would love Aquarian Soul's kit, and Gwen's lunar art! :)

    -Liking Moondaughter on Facebook (Meggs Elizabeth)
    -Following Earth Oils on Pinterest (meganet)
    -Following Laura on Pinterest
    -I love Gwen's triple hair print (I have a triple spiral tattoo!)
    -Following R&F on Bloglovin (livewellandbreathe)
    -Following AS on Bloglovin


  3. Hello my love! This is the best! I have followed all three ladies' facebooks! I am dreaming about the Aquarian Soul goodies and I also love the prints by Gwen!
    So much amazing feminine energy!

    -followed you on Facebook (Jessica Marie Brown)
    -signed up for your newsletter!
    -tweeted the giveaway (moonchild_213)
    -followed Aqaurian Soul on Twitter
    -followed R&F on Twitter
    -followed Aquarian Soul on Pinterest (MoonchildJMB)
    -followed R&F on Pinterest
    -pinned the giveaway
    -posted it on my blog (
    -followed Aquarian Soul on Bloglovin'
    -followed R&F on Bloglovin'
    -Shared on Facebook (Jessica Marie Brown)
    -and last but not least I checked out Gwen's shop! I do love the triple hair bit I love the lunar calendar as a beautiful reference guide!

    Fingers crossed!
    Hope I will get to bath myself in some Aquarian Soul goodness!

  4. What a gorgeous giveaway! I am following all three facebook pages. I would love to bask in the healing powers of the Earth Oils set, particularly in this just post-new-moon moment of resetting intentions! I've also been reading Laura's blog for a while and adore her jewelry!

    *Of course I "like" Moondaughter on Facebook!
    *Tweeted about the giveaway @OpheliaQuixote
    *Following Aquarian Soul on Pinterest (Ophelia Quixote)
    *Following Aquarian Soul on Twitter (OpheliaQuixote)
    *Following Roots & Feathers on Twitter (OpheliaQuixote)
    *I love love LOVE the lunar calender in Gwen's shop!
    *Following R & F on Bloglovin'
    *Following Aquarian Soul on Bloglovin'
    *Already subscribe to your newsletter


  5. incredible giveaway!
    I'd really enjoy winning the nourishing kit from earth oils or the necklace from roots and feathers :-)
    i liked all the ladies on facebook.
    *i subscribe to your newsletter already
    *followed aquarian soul on bloglovin'
    *followed roots and feathers on bloglovin'
    *followed earth oils on pinterest
    *tweeted the giveaway
    *shared the giveaway on facebook
    *followed roots and feathers on twitter
    *followed aquarian soul on twitter

  6. Liked each on FB. I would love the earth oils or the beautiful necklace from Roots & Feathers!

  7. Wow, I love it all! The earth oils set looks amazing. I saw Laura post about the massage oil and have it on my wish list already. I am prone to headaches and muscle aches so both of those sound amazing and I am pretty obsessed with crystals as well. I also love that Roots and Feathers necklace. All my favorite things, the moon, stars, stones and triangles. The lunar calendar is great too, I have the phases tattooed on my arm, so I'm a big fan of that as well. Pretty much everything in this giveaway is perfect :)

    * already following roots and feathers blog, pinterest and favorite her etsy, just followed on fb
    * just followed your blog, already following your fb and pinterest
    * followed earth oils fb, pinterest and favorited her etsy shops

  8. I think that the nourishing oil kit and the R&F necklace would both be beneficial and fit where I am in life really well.
    I did like all three facebooks as well as share the giveaway on there. (Samantha Roberts)
    I also shared it on my tumblr and pinterest. (
    I am already following both Aquarisn Soul and Roots&Feathers on bloglovin and twitter.
    I am already subscribed to your newsletter.
    I followed Earth Oils, Laura and you on pinterest.
    And I visited Gwen's shop and I love both the henna cones and the lunar calender.

    I wanted to also say that your blog is a wonderful escape. Thank you for being here.

  9. Liked all the facebook pages already :)
    I would love the necklace (I adore Laura's stuff) and the nourishing kit from Earth Oils -I think it would be really beneficial for me right now.
    manda.m.rave (at)

  10. I also:
    Like your fb page
    Follow Aquarian Soul on twitter as ladyunlaced
    Follow Laura on twitter as ladyunlaced
    Follow Earth Oils on pinterest as Manda rave
    Follow R&F via bloglovin as Manda Rave
    Follow Aquarian Soul via bloglovin as Manda Rave
    My favourite thing from Gwen's shop is probably the Ganesh print
    I am signed up for your newsletter with manda.m.rave (at)
    Pinned the giveaway here:
    Aaaand I shared on my fb page here:

  11. This is so amazing! What wonderful and inspiring prizes - you make it so hard to choose!

    -Moondaughter liked on FB
    -R&F liked on FB
    -Gwen Davies liked on FB
    -following R&F on Pinterest
    -following R&F on Bloglovin
    -liked AS on FB
    -following AS on pinterest

    My favorites would probably be the Aquarian Soul Kit & the Gwen Davies prints. Though, passing up Laura's Necklace seems like a BIG mistake!


  12. Liked their facebook pages. My top two choices are the first two.

  13. I love, love, love the Earth Oils and prints! I am in school right now and could use a little extra TLC.

  14. I also liked Moondaughter on FB quite a while ago :)

  15. I also follow Laura on Pinterest :)

  16. I followed R&F a long time ago on Bloglovin' :)

  17. I also signed up for your newsletter a while ago :)

    I love all that you ladies put together <3

  18. Wow what a beautiful giveaway! I am a sufferer of migranes and would love to try the Headache Relief Oil in Aquarian Soul's kit and then the beautiful lunar art by Gwen!

    *liked Moondaughter on facebook (Amy Henderson)
    *Following Earth Oils on Pinterest (Amy H)
    *Following Laura on Pintrest
    *I'm signed up for the Moondaughter newsletter

  19. My entries yesterday appeared to have to disappear into the ether.

    I liked Aquqrian Soul on Facebook.
    I followed Aquarian Soul on Pinterest.
    I like Moondaughter on Facebook & follow on Pinterest.
    I liked Gwen Davies on Facebook.

    The Nourishing Kit and Moon print would be my top picks but I adore the necklace too!

  20. hello! I would love the essential oils kit because I get headaches a lot and amethyst is my favorite crystal! and the moon chart would be awesome because I am trying to learn more about astrology :)

    *liked moondaughter on fb
    *following laura on pinterest
    *signed up for the newsletter

  21. Okay- it took me around 20 minutes to click on all the links which is like two days in the life of a I felt like it was worth the time because this is the BEST GIVEAWAY EVER!! :)) Much love, Barefoot Mama

  22. liked all on fb ana amanti
    the oil and the necklace

  23. tweeted
    lked moondaughter ana amanti
    twitter follower of a.soul va_va33
    blovin following all va

  24. I also follow Roots and Feathers on Bloglovin.
    Followed Aquarian soul on Bloglovin.
    My favorite Gwen Davies piece is her gorgeous Ganesha! Just stunning!

  25. What lovely products and ladies! I liked all the women on FB and started following Aquarian Moon and Laura on Pinterest. I also started following Aquarian Moon on Bloglovin. If I had to choose, which I guess I do, I would say that the necklace really resonates with me the strongest, but I have a lot of love for the other products as well. The Nourishing Kit would be a close second. I already follow you on Bloglovin and Pinterest and started following you on Facebook.

  26. I followed all the ladies on FB. I would love the Aquarian Moon set (I love the mineral products) and the Celeste necklace. I'm so happy I stumbled upon you on Pinterest. Fingers crossed >^.^<

    Ashlee B.

  27. What a wonderful giveaway!

    I love Gwen Davies' Moon Sisters piece. ♥


    -Liked you (moondaughter) on FB
    -Tweeted this Giveaway
    -Followed Aquarian Soul on Twitter
    -Followed Roots and Feather on Twitter
    -Followed Earth Oils on Pinterest
    -Followed Laura on Pinterest
    -Followed R&F on Bloglovin'
    -Followed Aquarian Soul on Bloglovin'
    -Shareed this giveaway on FB
    -Pinned this giveaway
    -Signed up for my newsletter

  28. i followed everyone on fb as glam top two choices would be the jewellery and the oil..thnx 4 d amazing giveaway/!!

  29. Liked Moondaughter on FB-glam gal

  30. tweeted-

  31. Followed Aquarian Soul on Twitter-NiaGlamBabe

  32. Follow Roots and Feather on Twitter-NiaGlamBabe

  33. Follow Earth Oils on Pinterest-NiaGlamBabe

  34. Follow Laura on Pinterest-NiaGlamBabe

  35. favorite artwork from Gwen Davies in her shop is -

  36. Followed R&F on Bloglovin-kevzm

  37. Followed Aquarian Soul on Bloglovin-kevzm

  38. shared on fb-

  39. pinned-

  40. Signed up for the

  41. My favorites are the Celeste necklace by Roots & Feathers, and Ally Sand's Earth Oils Nourishing kit! (I suffer from migraines & daily headaches so it sounds wonderful)

    I liked all of the lovely ladies on facebook
    ~Liked Moondaughter on FB
    ~Tweeted this Giveaway
    ~Followed Aquarian Soul on Twitter
    ~Followed Roots and Feather on Twitter
    ~Followed Earth Oils on Pinterest
    ~Followed Laura on Pinterest
    ~My favorite piece by Gwen Davies is her Lunar Calender!
    ~Followed R&F on Bloglovin'
    ~Followed Aquarian Soul on Bloglovin'
    ~Shared on my Blog (
    ~Pinned this giveaway (my pinterest is Ashley French)
    ~Signed up for the newsletter

  42. What a sacred giveaway! I liked all of the facebook pages.. and it is hard to choose what I would like to win! While everything is amazing, the Earth Oils Nourishing Kit sounds simply divine. I've been needing to nurture myself more lately, and this sounds like the perfect kit for me. I would also the the roots & feathers necklace! I love all of Laura's creations :)

  43. -"Liked" Moondaughter on facebook
    - Tweeted this giveaway! URL:
    - Following Aquarian Soul on Twitter!

  44. - following Laura's page on twitter!
    - Following Laura on pinterest! (Username: lalamurphy)
    - Following Aquarian Soul on pinterest!

  45. My favorite item from Gwen Davie's shop is definitely the 2013 lunar calendar! Over the past 6 months, I have been getting more in touch with the moon and its cycles. My menstrual cycle is finally starting on the new moon, and I plant in my garden according to the moon phases!

  46. Following Roots and feathers, moondaughter, and Aquarian Soul on bloglovin'! Username: lalamurphy!

    Also signed up for your newsletter! (

  47. I followed each facebook! My top two would be the necklace and the oils!

  48. I liked Moondaughter on facebook!

  49. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  50. I followed Aquarian Soul on twitter!

  51. I followed Roots and Feather on twitter!

  52. I followed r&f on bloglovin.

  53. I followed Aquarian Soul on bloglovin!

  54. I signed up for the newsletter!

  55. I followed Aquarian Soul on pinterest!

  56. I followed roots and feather on pinterest!

  57. And finally my favorite artwork was Sarasvati!

  58. I would love to try out the earth oil serie... especially the migraine relief! I've been following Roots & Feathers for some time now and the necklace looks goooorgeous! My nickname used to be 'Dryaluna' when I was 12 years old... I still dream with the moonphases so I guess the necklace would totally fit my personality. :)

    1. Liked your page at facebook (and already a follower at blog lovin)

    2. Following Roots and Feathers at Twitter
      Following Aquarian Soul at Twitter
      Following Roots and Feathers at Bloglovin
      Following Aquarian Soul at Bloglovin
      Tweeted (Dryasdreamart)
      And pinned! (Dryalantha)

  59. The earth oils and Lunar Calendar would be the most amazing things to receive, I wish there were places near me where I could purchase such things. Everything is so lovely and healing.

  60. I would love any of these amazing gifts! I follow all the BLOGS, PINTEREST, FACEBOOK and ETSY! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it all!!!

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