Thursday, March 7, 2013

Seasonal Turning: Spring Inspirations

I used to only be a Fall and Winter kind of gal. But now, through honoring the turning of the seasons, I am feeling  anticipation and excitement for each one. Each season has their own medicine for us. I am excited for the birds to perch on my office window, perfect weather, wearing my long skirts with sandals, laying in the grass and attempting to make flower crowns. Spring is so renewing and fresh. My bones are feeling tired so I hope Spring will wake me up!

And OmGoddess next Monday is BIG. A BIG giveaway, a BIG project, and the Live Workshop begins with Aphrodite!

Also, Elisabeth Stone's Wheel of the Year is kicking off this Spring! Ahhhh!!

Now I got to get back to work, but enjoy these images :)

Source: via Marissa on Pinterest

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter


  1. So, so excited for the Goddess workshop and for Spring! So many good things are happening!

  2. enjoy the turning of the seasons. Our winter has been cold grey and long I am so ready for spring. March flashed us a brilliant sunny smile for a couple of days this week but now it's hidden again behind the clouds. Soon come they say, soon come. love and light and blessings bright X

  3. I'm feeling it too! Lovely pictures you have shared here. :) The first one was shared at my Dutch green facebook page too hehe! Have a gorgeous weekend! xxx

  4. My favorite season, without a doubt, is Autumn! However, Spring air... Baby animals. Ostara. Gardening. BBQs. No jackets. Bare limbs. Yes, yes and more yes. Cannot WAIT.


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