Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cup of Tea: Ayurvedic Tea Consultation

I am so excited to share this Cup of tea with you all. And it was blended just for me. Isn't it beautiful? And not too mention delicious. 

Lindsay Luna, Goddess at Whole Body Alchemy offers Ayurvedic Tea Consultations. It encompasses your concerns about your health and well-being, an in-depth look into your own Doshic constitution, and a custom hand-blended tea made by Lindsay herself.

I can get lost in Lindsay's beautiful site and her insight into Ayurveda. I have always been fascinated by the ancient science of Ayurveda and know I am Vata/Pitta, but I have never known where to go from there. Okay, so now what? And then I would forget about it.

In Lindsay's consultation she gave me a comprehensive survey to find out my exact Doshic ratio ( I love quizzes! ), and a break down of simple, affordable, and practical ways I can keep myself balanced. That is huge for me - I get easily overwhelmed (most likely my Vata!) and keeping things simple, yet efficient, keeps me sane.

I have started to incorporate some of her advice and I can already feel a difference in my body, mind, and soul. She gave me a key word to work with and it is so dead on in so many ways. She reaffirmed why I would be feeling the way I do and suggested ways to bring back my harmony and energy. THANK YOU Lindsay! I needed this on so many levels.

And the TEA! She told me all the ingredients and why she put them in, and when the package arrived it took my breath away!

So above is is my own custom blend of tea she created just for me, dealing with my own Vata/Pitta issues. I feel so loved and special. When I drank and sat in ritual with it, it was Divine. Mellow, soothing, fresh and sweet, I felt so centered afterward.

I HIGHLY recommend her tea consultation, and it is so affordable. Everyone should have this for themselves and experience Lindsay's wisdom and craft. She takes her time with you and I feel the love within my cup. So much healing and gratitude. I will definitely be getting a refill!! I am off to pour another cup...

Marissa Moondaughter


  1. This is fabulously fantastic! I'm so glad you won, Marissa! I really hope one day I can purchase a consultation from Lindsay. I literally know nothing about Ayurveda and I very much dislike that because I try and gather all of my bits and pieces. I know plenty about my astrology, my spirit animals, my date and time of birth and my birth chart, etc. So I really would LOVE to add to this... and I love quizzes too!

    I love the Soothe rock. SO special!

    You definitely deserved winning something so magickal. *hug!*

  2. Sounds right up my street! I cant wait to check out the site and find out more.

    Zoe xx

  3. i just got mine yesterday too marissa and feel the exact same way! i took pics of it all last night but wont be able to share my experience until i get home... but its very similar to yours. she is amazing. and im so happy she has reopened me up to Ayurveda. I was the same way with it before. I would do research, get a bit excited, and then forget. Having this personal overview from someone has made all the difference in how I view it, and how to get started with it in a more in tune attitude. Im so glad you are getting to experience it too!

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  5. What a beautiful review! Thank you Marissa, for taking time to do this. I am so glad you enjoyed your consultation and are utilizing the suggestions customized to your dosha. Ayurveda is such a deep well of wisdom and I am always learning from it.

  6. Oh I am going to have to do this...I am Kapha/Pitta & just got back into it again with my meditation & yoga...Thanks for posting this...this is great...:)

  7. This looks amazing, I have had this on my list of things I want to treat myself to when funds allow.


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