Monday, January 28, 2013

Moon Days: Full Moon Charging

The other night during the Full Moon, I charged a lot of stones under the Moonlight. It felt so good to get rid of some stagnant energy. 

During the Full Moon, charging your gemstones is an opportune time to not only cleanse the energy of your crystals and whatever other talismans you may carry, but it also magnifies the energies of the said objects. Full Moon energy is potent with the energy of fullness, abundance, attraction, manifestation, love-- so keep in mind which stones and objects you want to amplify. That being said, you can charge objects at different moon phases for different energies you want to enhance.

This Full Moon, I charged a lot of rose quartz, moonstone, and clear quartz for the upcoming Goddess Workshop with Aphrodite, to enhance attracting love ;)

I also charged my selenite wand and tower to enhance their healing qualities as I continue to grow into my healing role.

I charged my amethyst chunks to help open my third-eye and enhance my moon readings.

And I charged my Medicine bag made by Sage Goddess enhancing the self-mothering needed to take place within me.

Moon charging does not need to be complicated. You can simply leave them out in the moonlight and go about your business. Or you can say a prayer before you let them soak. Or you can make a full ritual out of it. I lit incense and a candle, held each of the stones and said some prayers and affirmations. And then as an ultimate blessing (to me) I kiss each of my stones. Nerdy? Probably :)

What stones did you charge this Full Moon? 

Love and blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter

P.s. I also wanted to clarify my new feature I posted on Saturday. It is called "Full Moon" and meant to capture the essence, magic, and beauty of Luna in her fullest form. It will not only showcase Full Moon Sacred Spaces, but also sacred crafts, rituals, and recipes inspired by the Full Moon. It will be a once a month feature obviously due to the moon's movement, so if you would like to contribute please let me know! Email me at marissa (dot) moondaughter @ under the subject 'Full Moon' :) 
And be sure to check out Ally's lovely Full Moon Altar!


  1. I am jealous of your lovely gem collection! Once upon a time I had quite a few myself, but than we had to make a big move and a lot of our stuff got knocked around, lost, etc. (We even lost our mail key, never to find it again! So weird!) I want to begin a new collection of gems that are special to me, as well as a magickal collection of tools and supplies all around. Also, not nerdy at all! Well, I consider nerdy a good thing, but you know what I mean...

    Some of my favorite gems are rose quartz for nightmares and acne, Viking Balls for protection (I swear that's the real name!), Amethyst for spirituality and protection and my newest, Black Tourmaline which I read about on Tumblr. It absorbs negative energy and converts it to positive, heck yeah!


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