Monday, December 10, 2012

Moon Days: New Moon Affirmations

A custom wall hanging made by the lovely Laura of Roots and Feathers <3

Happy Moon Day everyone!

My birthday weekend was so fun and a much needed little getaway in the woods. And it still is not over yet! I have two friend dates planned and my boy got us tickets to Knotts Berry Farm! He got me a Trancas Geode that they will cut for me, along with a gift card to get some more crystals! I am so excited! I will post pictures when I get them! I am a very happy 26 year old :)

For now, in honor of the New Moon on the 13th here are some affirmations to help embrace new beginnings and cycles.

I am rejuvenated and ready to grow

I spread my wings and fly

My intentions always nourish and support me

I embrace fresh starts

My eyes are open and I am listening

I plant my seeds for soul growth

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter


  1. I am so glad your birthday was a beautiful one, my friend!!! Lovely affirmations! <3 Thank you for posting them.

  2. Happy birthday! Thank you for these beautiful affirmations. xo


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