Monday, November 5, 2012

Moon Days: November Moon

November MOON

Also known as, Dark Moon, Fog Moon, Mourning Moon, Moon of Storms


Herbs: blessed thistle, verbena, betony
Colors: gray, sea-green
Scents: cedar, hyacinth, peppermint
Stones: topaz, lapis lazuli
Trees: alder, cypress
Animals: crocodile, jackal, scorpion, sparrow
Goddesses: Kali, Hecate, Bast, Mawu
Medicine: gratitude; transformation; strengthen your connection with the Divine

Moon Phases:

Nov. 6th: Last Quarter; waning
Nov. 13th: New Moon (total Solar eclipse)
Nov. 20nd: First Quarter; waxing
Nov. 28th: Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse)

Powerful month ahead :)

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter


  1. oooh, i love thos monthly topic! thank you so much for sharing, marissa! Big hug :)

  2. awesome, as always. thanks for sharing!

  3. Cool that is what astrologers are saying, with all the eclipses happening, should be interesting! Hey Marissa, I nominated you for the knowing you knowing me series if you want to check it out: :)

  4. I love these, Marissa!!! :D I've seen some gorgeous sunsets lately, the November moon sure is gorgeous.


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