Thursday, October 4, 2012


Oh water, how you haunt me.

My relationship with water is non-existent. I find her boring and want nothing to do with her. Well, my body disagrees to the fullest. And logically I can understand.

I am totally apprehensive about being apart of the Daughters of Earth created by Laura Emily. In a good way though. I am going to be slapped in the face with my inability to love water, and hopefully I will grow, huh? It is such a basic, essential, life-building element, I must honor her and welcome her in my life. Drinking 80 oz. for two weeks is just daunting to say the least.

So. We shall see how it goes. As LE has told me, my timer is going to be my new best friend.

Luckily my friend, Bohemian Kate, understands my pain. And has written a few water posts here and here. And these photos are hers. So. Gorgeous.

Laura Emily is also having a free event tomorrow called Hello, Autumn. Ushering in some cleansing space is much needed. Starting with my room.

There is still time to become apart of Daughters of Earth. If you feel called to join, you can use the code: Herbs65 for a 15% discount.

Wish me luck with Lady Water!

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter


  1. Oh man, my husband, son and I basically only drink water. With my husband and I, it's always been that way since we were young and thankfully it's been the same with our son.
    Mmmm I love water. I really dislike anything else most of the time. Real lemonade, soy milk and tea or two are the only other things I drink. I've never been able to stable pop (soda).

  2. Tea is a great way to get more water! I brew a big pot of tea in the evening, let it sit over night, pour it into bottles in the morning and add chia seeds! Chia seeds have a lot of amazing health benefits, one being that they help with water retention.
    Another way to get in more water under a little disguise is to add fresh squeezed lemon juice! So good, especially first thing in the morning to get a dose of vitamin c to start your day.
    Good luck!

  3. I am a huge water lover but I can understand your pain!! Have you ever tried the waters from Metromint? OMG yum. I like the chocolate mint the best, and spearmint...some of the others I was not crazy about. Get them crispy cold. You will fall in love with water.

  4. Rhiannon, cool idea, I'm definitely going to try chia seeds to tea.
    I've always loved water but the trick for me was finding a source of pure distilled water and also a local artesian well. I find them much more refreshing than any municipal or bottled water. (No funky smells or aftertaste!)

  5. Growing up in Colorado, the water there is so good. When I visited my sister in Illinois the water was so disgusting. Then we moved to Utah and the water wasn't as bad but not as good as Colorado. Luckily we moved to our current place that has a well so the water is fresh and fluoride free! I always squeeze lemon in my water, it makes it taste so fresh and good :)

  6. I seriously need to try some of those. YUM.

  7. I struggle with drinking enough water sometimes too. I like the Waterlogged app, you set your goal and then keep track of how much you drink each day.

  8. I drink lots of water every day.. between 1 & 2 litres.. I can't function without it. Good luck!

  9. Hello. I just found your blog and I love it! I have never met anyone else who dislikes water as much as I do. I often get dehydrated and hung over feeling because I don not drink enough. I want to take this challenge too!

  10. Ahhhh These are all great suggestions, ladies!! Thank you so much for the support : *


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