Saturday, April 27, 2013

Stone Medicine: Lepidolite

This whole month has been really hard for me - with school projects left and right, our traumatic week with Theo, and now we have a huge beehive in our chimney that is connected to our room! It sounds like I have a lot of animal karma! Ultimately, I have been super stressed and have gotten 4 gray hairs from it all!

Anyway, my point is, enter Lepidolite.

The ultimate calming stone. The stone of peace and tranquility. Since the bees have arrived, I have been keeping it close and it is a great addition to the nightstand for peaceful dreams and anti-nightmares.

Lepidolite governs the realm of the third-eye, and gently helps us to listen to our intuition and act on it in a peaceful gentle way. And the color is just the prettiest lavender.

Every time I look at this stone I feel calmer and soothed. Keep it near you on a spa day just don't get it wet! And it is a wonderful aid in meditations as well.

Combining it with moonstone helps to calm PMS symptoms, while combining with rose quartz can help reconcile love.

Not only can it calm your nerves emotionally, but can help ease nerve pain and damage.

What is your favorite calming stone? I would love to know!

Happy Saturday!

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter


  1. Just this week, I heard of two others who have bees around them. One called a local beekeeper who brought a portable hive, attracted them all to it, and relocated them elsewhere. We so need our bees, who are being poisoned by pesticides, that this is a wonderful solution. Hopefully you can find a local beekeeper?
    Best of luck with this, and sweet dreams ~

  2. I just moved to the SD area from across the country and I have noticed lots of bees too! I had a huge swarm of them just hanging out in my yard. Hope you can figure out something soon! Cheers to finals being soon too.

  3. There's been some hard weeks around here too, a lot of Karma stuff coming out yes indeed. Connection to that last full moon that has awakened the need to heal something in us, probably connected to karma too.
    Hope you will be feeling lighter soon :)

  4. With the full moon and a whole lot of other craziness, last week left me feeling drained too. I am so happy Theo is feeling better!


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