Monday, February 25, 2013

Full Moon: Forgiveness Ceremony

Happy Full Moon, loves.

Forgiveness has been on my mind lately. I need to forgive and let go. Softening and peace need to reside in this new nest I am building. So I created this ritual to allow this to occur. Enjoy.

Forgiveness ritual with White Buffalo Calf Woman

(all optional, use your intuition, the tools/gems you have and keep your intention true to you)

~White candle for peace

~Sage for cleansing

~White Buffalo Calf Woman symbol:
I used a print of a white buffalo, along with a goddess talisman made of water buffalo bone, a simple white feather would do.

~gems to create a crystal grid or symbolize the elements:
I used lepidolite for water, red jasper for earth, blue calcite for air, sunstone for fire.
For my grid I used A clear crystal point in the center, green calcite (heart chakra), watermelon calcite (tenderness), clear quartz arrowhead (action and courage), blue lace agate (self-love, compassion), and four clear quartz points (magnify and connect the energies). I used a Lemurian seed crystal point as my wand (direct and activate the energies). You can keep it simple by sticking to one or a couple of stones. Use your intuition to choose. 

Layout your altar 
(preferably under the moonlight, if not that's okay too)

Cleanse yourself with sage, light your candle, and prepare for ritual.

Sit down before your altar and close your eyes. Focus on your breath and heart chakra. What/who do you need to forgive?

Imagine the moonlight shimmering down towards you. The white, silvery light soaks into your crown chakra and down the rest. This light fills your aura and you glow outward. You are protected in this dome of moonlight.

Take your stones (or whatever you are using to represent the elements) and welcome each element into your ceremony:

"I welcome [earth, air, fire, water] into this sacred space. Thank you for your presence."

"I welcome you, White Buffalo Calf Woman, bringer of peace and compassion. I honor you and pray you you bless my path with peace and understanding."

To activate your crystal grid, take your wand and tap the center stone, next tap the top stone and bring the energy back to the center by tapping the center crystal again. Keep doing this all the way around making sure to always tap the center stone again. While tapping the crystals say aloud who and what you forgive. You can also use mantras or affirmations such as, "Peace," "Forgiveness," "As I forgive, I let go."  Even if you do not have a crystal grid, holding a stone or talisman in your hand while saying your mantras is perfectly fine too. Use what you have and use your intuition. Do this for as long as you feel called to. Let whatever emotions arise and stay focused on your intent.

Now that you activated your grid, close you eyes and imagine you are walking through a prairie. Feel the wind in your hair, the warmth of the sun on your skin. It is so peaceful and silent. You see a woman waiting for you in the distance and you go to meet her. She has beautiful dark long hair, and she is glowing. You meet White Buffalo Calf Woman for the first time. She leads you to a large, beautiful white buffalo. Take time now to communicate and bond with this Goddess and her buffalo. What do you ask, or talk about. How do you react with the buffalo? Stay with her for a while and know you don't need to be anywhere but here. When it is time to leave, thank her and her buffalo, does she leave you with anything? A message, a token? 

Slowly come back to your breath, and your body. Thank the elements and and the Goddess. Close your circle and ceremony.

If you had it laid out under the moonlight, gently transfer your altar to a place inside you can keep up until the next Full Moon. 

At the end of your ceremony, you can also draw a few tarot/oracle cards for yourself and intention. For me as I continue to forgive, I am rebirthing my soul and stepping into my healer role <3

May peace always be with you.

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter


  1. Beautiful ceremony! I did a full moon ritual today, too. My focus was throat chakra issues/finding my voice because of dream guidance I received recently. It was a great ritual.

  2. forgiveness been on my mind too and I was just asking the universe yesterday what forgiveness feels like ... not the concept in my head but actually forgiving ... myself and others. Will be exploring this today thank you for sharing x x x x love x x x

  3. This is beautiful...I have been working on forgiveness for awhile...this will help that...Thank you for sharing Marissa <3

  4. I'm am so excited to have stumbled upon your beautiful blog! I'm overwhelmed with the beauty and connection of all your posts! I have the phases of the moon tattooed on my inner bicep to represent myself as what you describe as a moon daughter. To celebrate the full moon, over the weekend I cleansed my apartment and crystals! Looking forward to more of your posts ~Ashley ☪❁☪❁☪❁

  5. This is beautiful, I have a lot of forgiving I need to do as well.

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