Monday, January 21, 2013

Moon Days: Moon Path


My Moon Path has been a long dance of ebb and flow. I have gently, and not so gently, weaved her cycles in my life for years and years, yet never fully appreciated the awe and power she beholds. Simply staring at her stirs deep ancient songs within me. I am, as all women are, connected to her silvery glow through time and space. This space is vast with infinite possibility, connecting us to her ancient rhythms in this crazy modern world. She is simply my home.

I have in the past neglected this rhythm of life, ran away from home, and yet I have always gravitated towards her luminous light once again. We all wax and wane just as she does.

What does your walk with the Moon look like? What does the path look like for you right now? The Moon is a reflection of our inner worlds, where we hold our most secret desires, our vibrant fantasies, our shadowy waters, our deep pools of wisdom. So when I say moon path it is so much deeper than just our silvery mother in the sky. She is within us.

I feel I am on the verge of deep spiritual medicine on my Moon walk ahead. Deep connection. Deep detoxification. Deep healing. I am ready. My path is waxing into fullness.

Take a moment and honor your Moon Path today, wherever it may be. It is uniquely yours.

Love and Blessings, 
Marissa Moondaughter


  1. This is a BEAUTIFUL post, Marissa. I've mentioned this before, however it's worth mentioning again for sure. I'm not sure if you're Wiccan or Pagan, or if you follow the beliefs, but there is a ritual called "Drawing Down The Moon." I realized I was a Witch when I was 13. However, long before that, without knowing I drew down our beloved Moon. I would stand in my backyard, in our dog run which was fenced in so I felt safe and out of reach of danger. I would raise my hands, close my eyes and bath in the moonlight, I would see her despite my eyes being closed. When I opened them, I felt renewed and relaxed. I feel comforted when she is in the sky, without fluffy clouds hiding her. I've taken a walk out in the night a few times, which - despite my love of the night - is a little scary in our area. Yet I feel like she protects me.

    I also believe totally in her cleansing power, both of women and of men and of our tools. I believe in her protection. It's wonderful, simply wonderful.

    1. That is so wonderful Angie. Isn't crazy how magical we really were when we were children? We didn't even have to tap into that energy, we just were that energy. And you are totally right, I know I focus on women a lot more, but men are affected by the moon just as well, and it helps them keep in touch with their feminine energy <3


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