Saturday, December 1, 2012

Our First Tree

This is the first year Jimmy and I got a tree together, and I absolutely adore it. The place we lived in before was too small and cramped so we opted out, but now we have a little more space and I was itching for a tree. Theo loves it too and he is quite entertaining :) Having a tree for the holidays just puts me more at ease and at home. I bought most of the ornaments on sale at Cost Plus and Target so nothing was too pricey and it is just the perfect size for us. Enjoy my obsessive pictures (I was playing around with a lot of filters!) and Happy December! One week til I am 26! :O

I love this feather in a glass ornament.
Celebrating my heritage with some Dutch clogs <3
Our first ornament ever from 2011, and our little monkey. We can't have the lights on for very long, because he will start chewing them :(

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter


  1. Pretty! There's something so magical about a holiday tree all lit up at night!
    I adore that first owl ornament! Where did you find him?

  2. It's a lovely tree. My husband and I haven't been able to put one up this year (there's no space for it), but we hope to have one by next year. My mother's giving me her old one, which is huge. But I've had the idea to make my own so it could be decorated year round. I like the idea of celebrating every day life as if it were a holiday (I think it's because I just like giving gifts). I think it would be fun for my nephew too...

  3. SO PRETTY!!! I know exactly how you feel... I *need* a Christmas tree in December. :D Jen and I live in her childhood bedroom, which is small and yet we still have our tree up and glowing. ^_^ Than again, I like little cozy spaces!!!

    The feather in the bottle is so unique! I wanna make my own. I collect feathers! :D

  4. Simple and lovely! I can't wait to get our tree!! I love how it makes my house smell and of course adore all the twinkly lights!

  5. What a pretty tree! This will be our first year getting a real tree as a family too (last year I tied some pine branches together--not satisfying.) Can't wait to fall asleep to the glow of the lights. :)

  6. Pretty! We still haven't got a tree.. maybe this weekend? Who knows.. maybe we won't get one now since it's been so long.


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