Monday, November 19, 2012

Moon Days: Waxing Moon Affirmations

Hello lovelies,

Sorry I have been so absent lately. This season is kicking my butt. I feel like I am playing constant catch up in all areas of my life right now and having bouts of insomnia is not helping one bit. It seriously must be this Moon cycle with all the eclipses, not to mention the oh-so-fun Mercury retrograde. Oy. Please hang in there and thank you for your patience with me; I am definitely not up on my game.

Holidays are upon us and I cannot believe it is already Thanksgiving! Soon after is my boyfriend's birthday on December 4th, and then my birthday four days after! And then on to Christmas! List making is commencing this week for sure!

So I am needing a boost. Here are some affirmations to help keep your energy up and your spirit motivated; perfect for the Waxing Moon:

"I live in abundant health and energy."

"As I follow my passions, my energy is boundless."

"Each choice I make brings me balance and harmony."

"I am motivated to reach my goals with enthusiasm!"

"I take steps towards my passions, goals, and happiness each and everyday."

"I attract the motivation and support I need." 

When working with affirmations it is important to FEEL they way you want to feel while saying them. If you connect these words to your feelings your brain will associate the two together and it will be easier to achieve these results! Our mind is sooo powerful! 

I like to imagine my solar plexus chakra (right below the diaphragm) light up and shimmer a beautiful, bright yellow while saying these; this chakra is associated with our drive, self-esteem, and motivation, so these affirmations can definitely boost an under-active chakra and spark the flame once again.

I love this resource for affirmations as well.

I hope these can help you. And please let me know what keeps you motivated too. I'd love to hear from you all.

Love and Blessings, 
Marissa Moondaughter

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  1. Oh sister, I soooo needed this today!

  2. thank you for posting these. i book marked this so i can come back to it time and time again

    1. You are welcome! I will be making a free e-book of all of them :)

  3. I love this post! My depression has been horrible this last week or so and I am not on my game either. Right before my mood went downhill I was feeling inspired and encouraged and extremely positive. As odd as this sounds, shortly after feeling so wonderful, I often feel *so* drained. So I really needed this, this morning. Thank you, inspirational lady. <3

  4. ive just recently started learning about moon phases, could you explain what a mercury retrograde is. ive heard this phrase before but dont know the meaning.

  5. This has been a really tough month so far. I feel so chaotic inside, and I'm noticing it in others as well. It has been hard for me and those around me to keep emotions in check. A friend shared this link with me a few weeks ago, and it has really helped me make sense of all this. This website provides monthly forecasts, based in astrology I think. The forecast for November is Turbulence. Does that resonate with you? Sending you strength to make it through!

    November Forecast:

  6. I love these mantras. I almost always use positive affirmations when meditating.

    <3 Melissa


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