Monday, October 1, 2012

Moon Days: Vlog! Moon-time E-course Intro

This Moon day is my first ever VLOG!! 
Warning: I am awkward, somewhat.
It is kind of long, and maybe I ramble, and the video quality is not the best, BUT if you listen you will hear all about my upcoming e-course, and I would LOOOOVE your feedback!!
My videos will get better in time, I promise!
Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter


  1. Really looking forward to this e course! Embracing my body and the glory of femininity is something I have been drawn to lately so this really resonates with me.
    A community of women would be wonderful on this journey. I think for many women this will be a healing process so sharing wisdom and support may be very beneficial.
    {Also, if you're planning on reading The Red Tent, I thought it was great book to listen to on cd!}

    1. Thank you so much Wildmama, you have said it beautifully! I am definitely going to add the FB group :) It is so needed for women to circle together in love and healing <3 Is there a specific audio to get for this book? I think I may do that and listen to it in my car!

  2. You're so lovely :) I think the entire idea is wonderful and beautifully empowering to women. I think moon time is something that women need to reclaim in this society

    1. Thank you so much Manda, I am excited to reclaim this with everyone!

  3. How exciting! It is always so fun to see bloggers in person! You are so sweet :) Maybe one day I'll make a vlog too. The course sounds awesome, def look forward to it! :)

    1. Thank you so much Felicia! It makes it more real huh? Vlogs are fun, you should make one!

  4. oh i love seeing you!! i've wanted to do a vlog too but i am SO freakin shy.

    this course sounds amazing and i'm SO proud of you!!! due to hormonal issues, i haven't had a moon time in almost a year and a half. :( sometimes i feel like i miss out on this ritual. i read this yesterday:

    Dr. Christiane Northrup
    In some Native American cultures, menopausal women were thought to retain their "wise blood," rather than shed it cyclically. A woman could not be a shaman or wise woman until she was past menopause. So different from our culture.

    while mine is not due to menopause, i derived some comfort from this. but do you have any ideas about moon time that is missing the actual...moon time?

    i LOVE your idea of when women are in their moon time, that there is a place to gather. what a sisterhood. i think that is what they did back in nomadic times.

    much love!! this is beautiful!

  5. Oh, Rain, thank you so so much! I got my college degree in theater so I am used to throwing myself out there, awkwardness and all :) And thank you so much for being proud of me! I have been brewing this e-course in my head for months now and was originally intending it to be an e-book; but I needed it to be interactive, so I am so glad I finally just put it out there and diving in.

    Hormones can be so fickle, and I am so sorry you feel out of sync with this ritual, and you know, I have been trying to figure out ways to incorporate all women into this course.

    So the way I see it, moon-time is a microcosm of the monthly moon cycle. The moon cycle is 28 1/2 days, and the women's cycle is roughly along those same lines. SO with that in mind, the bleeding physical part of the moon-time is just one part of the whole cycle; just because you do not experience that specific part, does not mean you don't experience this ritual at all. There is also the emotional and spiritual cycle we have, and other physical sensations as well; such as your energy levels, appetite, and so forth. It may be just more subtle in your case, which means you will have to listen more closely to your body and intuition (and I think you are pretty good at that ;) I will also be relating each day to a specific moon phase, that way, you can keep track in that sense. I hope this makes sense! Did that give you some clarity?

    I have read that before too, and I totally agree. I feel our society can be so backwards (especially with women's issues) sometimes. Though you are not a Crone Goddess yet, you are holding in your magick and there is no shame in that :)

    So much love to you, Rain <3

  6. Hi Marissa,
    I love the idea of this course, but I have a question/thought for you. Of course, a lot of the negative associations with menstruation are cultural/patriarchal in origin but, as you noted in the vlog, some of us really do suffer badly during our moontime. I do. And I've been down the western medicine route and got a "diagnosis" that offered me no healing (because it's not really a disease, it's just the way I am). I manage myself now, with yoga and meditation, as well as herbs. Do you think there's a place for women like me in a course like this? Because I like the idea of connecting to our sacred womanhood and appreciating it, but I can't pretend that my period isn't a really trying time for me, either. Does that make sense? Thank you!

  7. Hi Lizzie! I am so glad you asked this! I think everyone can benefit from hearing this.

    I just want to say I do not want to downplay the physical discomfort that comes with Moon-Time; I know it can be really painful and not fun at all. It obviously varies from woman to woman, but I do think all women can hopefully find some comfort here with this course. I am not a doctor, so I can't really help too much with the physical pain part; so this course does focus more on the emotional/spiritual side with some pain relief tips (I will address the physical discomfort more and add more in the future as I learn more myself). But I also think, because of the physical discomfort, the spiritual/emotional journey of moon-time gets put on the backburner; if the discomfort is too much to handle then you do what you got to do to take care of yourself, and that is totally understandable! You know how to take care of yourself best and I think that is great you are doing that already! I definitely don't want you to pretend the pain is gone and that we have to be all 'zen' in this course. This is your cycle, all about you. All I would ask of you and all the other women is to keep an open mind and heart to the spiritual side of our moon-times and see what healing can come in then.

    From my own experience, I have always had such a varying moon-time; one cycle it was so painful, the next I would be perfectly normal, then the next I was an emotional basket-case! I couldn't keep up! However, the more I shifted my perspective of my moon-time to a more sacred view, honoring my femininity, and learning more about the symbolism about it, the more and more balanced it became. And enjoyable. I started finding my own patterns and could predict how my next moon-time would manifest and it has made a big difference in my well-being. Now I am culminating all the stuff I have learned into this course and will add more content as I go. I think a great thing to have will be the Fb community where we can all support each other; this circle will be a great healing circle, I can feel it already. Does this clarify it for you more, dear? I hope so!

    1. I replied via FB, but I'll paste here in case it helps anyone else.

      Yes, that's perfect. I would love to devote attention to the spiritual/metaphysical journey, because you're right, it DOES get pushed to the side when the pain gets all the attention. And not to worry, I didn't mean to suggest that you needed to offer medical advice, rather I was wondering if there was space in the course for those of us with really physically difficult periods--not just cultural shame or what have you. Anyway, you're speaking right to me when you say we don't have to be "zen" about the pain! This sounds great, Marissa.

  8. this is such a great offering marissa! so awesome to see women empowering women in such positive and supportive ways.

    -amy :)

  9. I have the Red Tent waiting for me to read. Laura let me borrow it. :) This sounds amazing Marissa. I'm so happy you have made this ecourse. I will sign up when I feel the time is right. At the last Red Tent I hosted with my friends my midwife came and spoke about "Menstrual Dysphoria" and talked to us about herbs to help with the pain and bleeding involved. Did you know you are only supposed to lose about 2 tbsps of blood the ENTIRE time you menstruate? Basically we are hemorrhaging when we menstruate since we as a culture tend to have heavy periods. I have my own theories as to why this happens but just found that fact baffling! Just thought I'd share.


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