Monday, August 27, 2012

Moon Days: My Name

My lovely friend Sondra sent this to my Facebook page and I love this! Moonchild, Moondaughter, same same :)

It makes me think about my choice for the name Moondaughter though. So I thought of this:

Moondaughter [muːnˈdɔːtə] n. A woman who adores and follows the Moon. Her soul finds sanctuary here, and has a kinship with the Moon. A Moondaughter is ever evolving and growing on her spiritual journey. She strives to be in-tune with emotions and to find balance in her mind, body, and spirit. Her Moontime is a celebration of womanhood. The cycles of the Moon are her rhythm. She is called to be a healer to her loved ones and community, spreading love, joy, compassion, and kindness. Her goal is to show women to connect with their inner-sage-woman, Goddess, higher self, or whatever name resonates.

That is what I strive to be. When I see my name I think of this. I have my on and off days, of course; I am human. And that is okay. Showing compassion to yourself is just as important.

Does this sound like you too? Would you like to be apart of a Moondaughter tribe/community, of soulful women coming together in compassion, joy, love and sharing?

Sign up, below for my newsletter where I will share more Lunar Wisdom, goodies, rituals, journal prompts and more! 

Don't worry, I will not spam your inboxes or give out your info. Think of it as a monthly/quarterly date with your inner-Moondaughter :) A Facebook group page is in the works too, so please message me of Facebook, so I can add you to the group when I get it started!

This week is busy for me! I start another semester of Grad school....eeee!! But I am only taking two classes this time, so I hopefully can manage everything :) Wish me luck!

I am also launching a project on Wednesday! The idea came to me at 3 am one night and I could not sleep until it was done, I guess that is the way the creative flow works sometimes :) Get ready to Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude :)

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter


  1. I love that description!!! I would share my Pagan name, however it's (maybe) in the process of changing. I'm very undecided.

    I signed up for your newsletter, so exciting!

  2. I LOVE this!!! I am very excited about your newsletter and Facebook page. By this description I am a Moondaughter too!! I love your blog.....and all that you are doing!

  3. I love this too. I'm a Moonchild (Cancer). That is my nickname & I'd rather say Moonchild than Cancer.

  4. This is also a song!!!!! It's by King Crimson and its beautiful. Everyone go listen to it.


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