Monday, July 30, 2012

Moon Days: Moon Gardening

Happy Moon Day, loves!

A big dream of mine is to have a pretty home garden. I am very hesitant though, because I tend to kill the plants I try to grow (I feel so bad :( about it too), so before I do any planting this time I am really researching and planning.

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What I would eventually want to have is a Moon Garden! This means the flowers bloom and are fragrant at night! It would be so magical and divine... sigh :) The flowers tend to be light and silvery, and look as if they glow in the moon's light.

Some flowers to consider are:

Night Phlox

Evening Primrose
Evening Stock

Angel's Trumpets

Other plants with Lunar connections are:

Lamb's Ear

Add these herbs and flowers as beautiful additions
to your Moon Garden

I don't know when I will be able to have a Moon Garden, but I will eventually. For now, I will probably start with succulents and simple container gardening.

What is in your gardens, lovely readers? Do you have any gardening tips for a newbie like me?

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter


  1. I, too, used to kill everything i planted. UNTIL THIS YEAR!!!!!

    i'm not sure what changed, but i can give you a couple of tips

    don't overwater. i used to do this a lot, and just drowned my plants. put your finger into the soil, and if it's dry for 1/2 inch down or more, you can water them!

    don't underwater. this is obvious. if you have a morning or an evening routine, remember to work the watering of plants into it. i love watering the plants to end my day with relaxation and connection with nature

    give them love! if you see animals have gotten into them, or bugs are chewing them up, look up some all natural remedies for it. usually they are REALLY inexpensive(if even any cost at all), and will work fast without hurting your plants or the soil

    i am currently growing a few tomato plants, a few squash plants, some green leaf lettuce, a begonia, basil, and some random flowers. I'm also sprouting turtle beans!!! hurray! I grow all of this on my porch at my fourplex, and it's working out so well! i can't believe i thought i hada black thumb for so long

    if you need help or resources let me know!!! ive got a couple of awesome books that have helped me a lot :)

    1. I feel like I have a black thumb! Your garden sounds lovely, and those are very good tips, thank you! And these are all in containers too? Yes, please share your books, I would love to know!

  2. I would love to have a garden. Unfortunately I don't have anywhere to have one since I live in a small apartment in the city. But hopefully someday. Me and my boyfriend are big into being self-sufficient and green so we want our own veggie garden at some point.
    I love the idea of a moon garden though, it sounds so divine and peaceful

    1. I know what you mean, you need space to do it! I love the fact that they bloom at night since so many people are not home during the day. A great way to relax for sure!

  3. Moon gardens are SO beautiful! My sister is a horticulturist and she told me about them awhile ago; I'd love to see one someday. I like to garden, but I forget to water things a lot, so you have to be hardy to hang out with me if you're a plant. Succulents are a great way to go; low maintenence! Terrariums are also really nice and easy. Plus, they have that "tiny magical world" quality. :)

    1. I forget too! I think succulents would be a good beginner plant to work with! Ease myself into it! I would love to create a terrarium, they are like little cities for faeries! You are so right!

  4. This is awesome!!! I've never heard of a moon garden but it does sound very magickal. I would love that! Thanks for inspiring me

    1. I am so glad I could inspire you! Moon Gardens are so dreamy, I can't wait to have one

  5. I've always dreamed of having a moon garden!!! They are so mysterious and enchanted. Oooh,how about some Night-Blooming Jasmine! And heavily-scented White Roses! Alas, I will keep dreaming since i'm in an apartment. xoxo

    1. Ahhhhhh! Yes! Night-blooming Jasmine is going on my list! One day Kim, ONE DAY!!!

  6. I have a massive Night-blooming jasmine bush. When you step outside at night, you get hit by a wall of the scent, it's the best

  7. I would consider growing moonflowers to begin with. the are perennials so they come back each year. My father planted some about 2 years ago and we found the to be pretty low maintenance and they grow beautifully. Ours got to be the size of a low setting brush and they bloomed thru out the summer!

    1. Oooo ok! Good to know! Do you think it would be ok in a big container? We rent so if we ever moved I would want to take it with me!


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